Recently I had my very first order of cards, and more keep coming in. I am so flattered at this, especially as customers tend to give me a lot of freedom to be creative. This must mean they like what I do, surely. It also means I can use the opportunity to fit in with a few challenges. This is one of those cards.

I was inspired by the idea of making your own paper flowers, and had seen a few different techniques which I wanted to put to the test.

Crafty Calender Challenge of 'Flowers in Bloom' seems a perfect challenge to enter for this.

There's also Craft Your Days Away with their Bingo Card. I always find those difficult, I must say, but this time it worked out well on the diagonal from left top to right bottom: flowers, ribbon/lace, and gems. In this card they just formed a natural part of the build-up.

And on a completely different, and very summery note, the Allsorts Challenge is focussed around 'ice cream colours' which appear abundantly on this card as well.

So I would like to enter these three challenges, and keep my fingers crossed the teams like my work. Do you? Please leave me your comments, I love to read what you think.

This butterfly card is one I made for the very first order I received. I was given a lot of freedom, and this is one of the things I came up with.

I would like to enter it into Emma's Crafty Challenge, for which the theme this month is monochrome.

It is rare for me to try my hand at 'clean and simple'. I find it very difficult, as there is so little to hide any mistakes behind. Usually a card kind of shapes itself by forcing me to cover something or other up. Well, this one kind of led itself to this result. I seem to be getting a bit better at working neatly and thinking things through before acting. Also I am starting to find it easier to comfortably say the job is done, it's ready.

All this is a very good thing, since clean and simple is exactly the challenge set by One Stop Craft this week, which I would like to enter this into.

I also wish to mention my friend Miet, as this card was made for her and her family as her grandmother passed away. I hope the sadness of their loss will be overshadowed by the joy of their memories as time progresses.





Phew! Ever since I heard the theme was floral I wanted to take part in the Crafty Blogger's Network Challenge. I had already missed a  challenge for which I had made a card when our internet connection went off for nearly three weeks, and now that is fixed, the lead to my mini-laptop is broken. This means I am very limited in coming online again, as I normally do this lying down in bed, and now I have to come downstairs and sit at my husband's computer, which is very difficult for me.

Anyway, this serves as a birthday card for my stepmother-in-law, who is called Malle. It is unusual for me to go this floral, another little step out of my comfort zone. I must say that zone is gradually growing, bit by bit.

So, just before the deadline, I would very much like to enter this card in the challenge.

When I do decide to make the effort to come downstairs, I have to make it worth my while. So I found another  challenge I think this card would suit.

Scrap Creations have one on the theme of flowers, so I am entering that one as well.

Of course there's always anything goes as well. Use your stuff is one of those at the moment. This card fits their spirit as well. I was sent these flowers in one of the many crafty packets my facebook friends send me. I wanted to do them justice, but as I said before, it's been outside of that comfort zone for me. I was always worried I would end up making something very old fashioned and naff. The same goes for the blue floral paper, which was part of my hunky dory packet. By weaving it with the pink paper, and colour coordinating the flowers, I actually very much like the result.

Make it Monday are experts on the anything goes theme, so this one os for them as well.

Happy crafting!