For some reason I'm finding it hard to blog lately. I always feel I want to write alongside my cards, rather than just post a picture and say which challenge(s) I want to enter them in. That would seem so cold and heartless, and crafting is anything but.

So I have entered the odd card straight from facebook, just upload the picture, post the link, done.

I had thought I would do the same with this one. It was a bit rushed this morning, knowing we would be going out for the day, and wanting to get it done as the challenge finishes tonight, and I do want to support Emma in the challenges she sets up. So I got the card done, to send along with a couple of others a s a thank you, but for this challenge, to post via facebook you need to be a member of a particular group, which I wasn't yet. I requested the membership and then had to leave, without being able to post.

Well, would you believe it, tonight facebook won't let me on... So here I am. Perhaps the universe is gently hinting that I should be using my blog more.

Well, having said all that, I will have to hurry, or I will still miss the deadline. So, as mentioned before, I would like to enter this card in to Emma's Crafty Challenge. This month we were asked to follow a sketch, which I tried to do as closely as possible, even looking at colours and shades and such. I am very pleased with the results. I made an effort to use the goodies I was sent by the friend the card was for, and used some of the new stuff I ordered just last week. It's amazing what a boost all this new stash has given me to get going again. I had been too ill to be able to for a while, and eventhough I had recovered, I wasn't quite getting back to the card-making like before. Well, it seems I am now!

Recently I had my very first order of cards, and more keep coming in. I am so flattered at this, especially as customers tend to give me a lot of freedom to be creative. This must mean they like what I do, surely. It also means I can use the opportunity to fit in with a few challenges. This is one of those cards.

I was inspired by the idea of making your own paper flowers, and had seen a few different techniques which I wanted to put to the test.

Crafty Calender Challenge of 'Flowers in Bloom' seems a perfect challenge to enter for this.

There's also Craft Your Days Away with their Bingo Card. I always find those difficult, I must say, but this time it worked out well on the diagonal from left top to right bottom: flowers, ribbon/lace, and gems. In this card they just formed a natural part of the build-up.

And on a completely different, and very summery note, the Allsorts Challenge is focussed around 'ice cream colours' which appear abundantly on this card as well.

So I would like to enter these three challenges, and keep my fingers crossed the teams like my work. Do you? Please leave me your comments, I love to read what you think.

When I first saw the Sarah Hurley Challenge  , I really thought that was out of my league. But when I started on my batch that I want to make for Jackie Newport from Craftyspecials to sell to raise money to improve the life of a little girl who has cystic fibrosis I came across a bit of paper in my stash that reminded me of the Lists and Me challenge. In fact I think it is one of the papers Jackie herself sent me, but I am unsure about that.

It has five princesses on, called the little angels. I was always one of those little girls who wanted to be a princess and I have always hung on to that angelic innocent bit inside me, even though it has been joined by a whole load of other stuff as I grow older. The first one is a ballerina. I did ballet for a little while when I was little. I dreamt of elegance, but was much more taken with the outfit in the end, than with the discipline and the strict teacher who tried to implement it. Add a few ankle sprains and I'd had enough.

Next is cupcake princess. Baking is one of the things I miss very much. I love it, but being bedridden for the last few years has meant I have had little chance to. Whenever I do see a chance, I grab it, preferably as an activity with our little boy. He is only five and already tells of his memories of us baking together. It definitely applies!

Angel is in the middle - need I say more?

Then there is pink princess. She's a bit far out for this card, if I am honest. So I will let her be symbol for my whimsical girly side.

And Cutie is at the end of the row. Well, everybody always says how much our boy is like me, and everybody that meets him immediately remarks what a cutie he is! It makes me smile, as I do recognise myself in this little princess to, and am happy to admit it!

With the embellishments I was careful to follow the theme as well. There's a bow, as I love wrapping presents, always have done. Mum used to keep them for me to do. Love hearts, as love is another word people have used to describe me which I find an enormous compliment. Stars - you have to admit I'm a star, come on! Last but by no means least flowers. Our Friends have been working so hard to change our jungle back into a garden, so that when I can manage to get outside a bit there will be nice flowers and plants to look at: food for my soul.

I think I did well, I hope Sarah and her team do too.