Well, I've just noticed quite how long it has been since I have blogged!

I have been busy mostly with orders, so I started my gallery instead. But now I have a reason to blog again, as I am entering another challenge.

This one got me nervous. My dear friend Marleen is involved with the cards galore scrapbook challenge. In fact I think she set it up and runs it. I promised her faithfully I would start to take part, since she has been so supportive to me, and her and her children are now active in the card swap group I run myself - with the help of Jan and Maria, my lovely admin girls.

Learning to scrap, one step at a time, is the least I could do in return. I am so glad I have got the Serif, as I doubt I would have made anything at all without it. For some reason scrapbooking scares me. Being able to just fiddle about on the computer, with the safety of undo buttons and such, eased that a bit. 

The theme this month is patchwork, and I think that fitted nicely with these pictures we took on outings with our little boy this summer. We have serious qualms about putting recognisable pictures on the internet, especially of children. So I chose these three photographs in all of which he looks the other way. Anybody that does know him, would know it is him, but there is certainly not enough visual information there for anybody to be able to approach him out of the blue on that basis.

Despite they still show his character, and his inquisitive nature so well. I can't but smile and feel a warm glow inside when I look at this page now, with the three together. I hope some of that comes across.

Please let me know what you think.