It is quite a few weeks ago now we received an invitation by a lovely young couple to their wedding. It came out of the blue, and we are so happy for them and chuffed to be invited. So I have been wanting to make a special card for them to congratulate them and to let them know we will most certainly be coming to celebrate them!

Because I've been in hospital, it has taken this long to get around to making it, so it needs to be sent off quickly, before they start to think we've forgotten all about them.

It just so happens Crafter's Companions (http://ccmonthlychallenge.blogspot.com/) have a challenge running called 'Love is in the Air'. When I came across it I immediately thought of entering this card. There's loads of people entering this challenge so I guess my chances are slim...

By the way: Proficiat means Congratulations, but you had probably gathered that.



21/01/2012 10:01am

well done hun, we both have come a long way have'nt we??
beautiful card xxxx

21/01/2012 11:28am

We sure have, Maria. One step at a time, though, at least for me!

21/01/2012 10:21am

superb card Anneke, the young couple will love it I am sure xxx

21/01/2012 11:28am

Awww, thanks Avril. I sure hope they do :-) xxx

21/01/2012 1:36pm

Fab cards and welcome to blog land Anneke xx Jan

01/02/2012 1:29am

Nice work - thanks for joining the CC Monthly Challenge.

Wendy -x-


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