When my husband accompanied his teenage students on a school trip abroad, him and his colleagues were invited to stay at the headmaster's house of the school they were visiting. This is the card he took along to thank them for their hospitality.

Do let me know what you think.
This card was made for the card swap I run on facebook. Please come and join us in 'We love our Card Swap'. That month the theme was 'The Magic of Kingdoms and Castles', and I had had a special request for one to do with the Jubilee, so this is what I made. 
For this very first order I was asked to make 20 cards, all different. About half were to be for birthdays, the other for general use. The customer said she liked anything involving nature, and anything fairylike (can't think of the right word in English). She wanted half small, so they would take standard postage - the rules are very strict in our country - and the other half free in terms of size. I must have done well, because she has already put in another order for Christmas cards! I am so grateful to her. Surely this is the very best compliment anyone can give.

I do apologise, I have still got to figure out how to get them all the right side up. You'll get some neck exercises for free 


    Welcome to the gallery of my cards. Since I am now getting orders in, they have to take priority. So I have ever less time and energy to join in with challenges, and I have ended up not blogging because of it as well. But I would still like to share what I make, and would love to see what you all have to say. It is another good way to learn and develop and grow, when people add their thoughts and feedback. So I have decided to start this gallery, where I will just post pictures, without writing much if anything about them. If you have any questions about any of them, do ask! Please do leave me your comments. 


    Juli 2012


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